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3Pid Group AB provides you information and services that leads you and your business to growth into new markets . If you are thinking about expanding into Europe or into Middle East market please contact us to let you know where the best investment opportunities are and how you can manage to make your investment and expansion with minimal risks. Please contact us for a free consultation here!

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We have contact with many businessmen and entrepreneurs with great ideas looking for investors. Please contact us for more information here!.

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There are several investment opportunities that may suit just you and your needs. Please contact us for getting a list of investment oppurtunities here!

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There are many Real Estate objects in Europe with great opportunity to grow. If you are looking for Reat Estate in Europe please contact us here !

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By using our services and our consultants save both money and time! Please contact us today here!

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We provide you with information about latest business news in different markets in Europe and Middle Reast. Please read more !



We arrange different educations occations both for individuals and groups. Please get updated about our latest Educational news here!